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The Farmacy Santa Ana is an expertly curated, fully licensed 21+ retail store for cannabis consumers in Orange County, California. No prescriptions or medical cards required.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, sustainably produced and thoughtfully curated cannabis products in an atmosphere where anyone age 21+ can feel welcome and experience the highest level of service. We’re especially passionate about cannabis education. Since our founding, our store has been a community hub where customers and the public at large can learn about cannabis, break through lingering stigmas about its effects and culture, and discover the powerful benefits of its natural capabilities.

At The Farmacy Santa Ana, everyone who walks through our doors is family. We constantly strive to be more than just a store but a place where customers can be guided towards the products that will best serve their unique individual needs and interests. Our expertly trained and passionate cannabis guides are the fuel that helps us reach that ultimate goal.

Our Community.
Our Purpose.

Our Community.
Our Purpose.

At The Farmacy Santa Ana, we want to help our customers feel and live better through healthy and natural solutions rather than pharmaceutical means whenever possible. We believe in a ‘Farm Over Pharmacy’ ethos that informs everything we do, from the curated products we stock on shelves to the educational efforts we pursue.

We truly believe that the products we carry have the power to meet an incredibly wide range of wellness goals, recreational interests, and medical needs. Whatever your age, experience level, wellness goals, or interests, we believe there’s something at The Farmacy for you.

In the end, we believe that the best person to determine what’s best for you and your body is you. We want to guide you towards the products that will serve your personal goals, which is why the most important skill in our team members is listening first.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or enthusiast, recreational consumer or medical customer, you’re part of our family.

Our Roots Run Deep.

Formerly known as Bud and Bloom, The Farmacy Santa Ana was founded in 2016 as a place where the full range of recreational and medical cannabis needs could be met. Our founder, Aaron Herzberg, had experienced firsthand the transformative power of cannabis and sought to bring that experience to as many people as possible— all in a comfortable space where everyone could feel welcome.

In 2020, we partnered with the Glass House Group of California cannabis dispensaries, farms, and brands to expand our capabilities and serve our customers more of what they’ve come to love. We became The Farmacy Santa Ana, joining other Farmacy locations in Berkeley and Santa Barbara while remaining committed to the same values that have always driven us— community, quality, and service.

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