All April long, we’re celebrating the way that cannabis combines perfectly with an active, outdoor lifestyle in our local area. This week, we’re focusing on biking and edibles— a great activity paired with a great way to enjoy cannabis anywhere you are.

All week long, we’ll be offering 25% off a different edibles brand every day in our store and online. But we want to do more than just give you the best quality edibles at the best possible prices— we want to help you have an amazing time enjoying the beauty of nature, too.

Orange County is an amazing place to enjoy a range of trails, from the paved and flat to the wild and mountainous. Here are our five favorite spots in Berkeley to have a ride, paired with our recommendations for the best way to bring edible cannabis into your active life for the best results.

The Best Bike Trails in Orange County

Santa Ana River Trail
If you want almost 75 miles of vehicle-free biking along the lovely Santa Ana River, this is the trail for you. One of the best bike trails in Orange County starts at Huntington Beach State Park and is one of the longest open-track bike trails in California. The best part is that there are almost no road crossings or intersections, so you can ride without stopping almost the entire way.


Quail Hill and Shady Canyon Bikeway
Technically two trails, but connecting them will give you 8 miles of beautiful views of rolling, grassy hills and wildflowers this time of year. We also love that the terrain switches from dirt path to paved roads, bridges and back to dirt path, so there’s never a dull moment. There’s even a lake to spot along the way.


San Clemente Single Tracks
If you’re an advanced rider looking for a serious adventure, then you can’t beat the San Clemente Single Tracks. Hills, ramps, and more await you if you’re brave enough to take on this amazing ride. Plus, there are so many different paths to follow that you can hit it up for an hour or five, and it’s all set in the beautiful lush greenery of the surrounding area.


Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
There are 18 trails in this wilderness park that are accessible for bikes, and every one of them gives you more natural beauty than you can handle. Plus, now is the absolute best time to go and ride among the absolutely stunning wildflowers the park is famous for. Just keep in mind that some of the bike trails here can be challenging, with steep climbs and declines.


Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park
Another beautiful wilderness park, this one with 15 biking trails. Our favorite is Borrego, which goes right through a canyon and lets you see incredible rock formations as well as a chance of seeing some wildlife, including deer, bobcats, and maybe even a mountain lion. Whether you’re looking for a smooth ride or an intense climb, there’s something for you at Limestone Canyon & Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.

How to Combine Edibles & Exercise

Edibles have been growing more popular for long-distance fitness enthusiasts, but you don’t have to be a high-intensity road biker to enjoy their benefits on your ride. Even a casual ride can be enhanced through safe and responsible cannabis use, particularly with edibles.

First, consider the type of edible you choose— sativa, indica, or CBD-rich.

CBD-based edibles may not induce any euphoric effects, but CBD is well known for its therapeutic benefits as well as its ability to reduce inflammation. These traits can help you reach peak relaxation while enjoying a laid-back ride while also helping treat any swelling or soreness you may have along the way.

A sativa-based edible may provide more stimulating and uplifting effects during your ride, which can be great if you really want to push the distance and intensity. If you’re in it for a nice view on a smooth course, an indica-based edible may be a better choice thanks to the relaxing effects they sometimes have.

That said, sativa and indica classifications can be less important than cannabinoid and terpene profile. Terpenes are more than just aromatic elements of cannabis— they also help give it its beneficial effects.

If you opt for a THC-heavy edible variety, we recommend starting low and slow— particularly before a ride. Edibles must pass through your body’s digestive system before their effects are felt, which means it can take a couple of hours to kick in. Keep that in mind when planning your dosage before a ride. If you like the boost you can get midway through a workout, time your dosage accordingly!

Some people prefer their edibles post-exercise, helping aid with recovery and making for a great and relaxing cooldown as you remember the beautiful surroundings you’ve just experienced on your ride. If that’s the case, you can go for a higher dose— but always stay within your comfort zone.

We think that edibles and bicycles are the perfect match. All week long, get 25% off a new edibles brand every day at the Farmacy Santa Ana. Then break out the bikes and take in the beautiful sights of our local trails!

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