The Farmacy Santa Ana Guide to Cannabinoids | CBN, CBG, and CBC


We’ve reached the last post in our series on cannabinoids, the amazing chemical compounds that naturally occur in cannabis and give it so many of its amazing benefits. With over 100+ cannabinoids total, it’s impossible to cover all of them. But as we close out this series, we want to talk about three promising cannabinoids with more and more research confirming their benefits— CBN, CBG, and CBC.

What are CBN, CBG, and CBC?


Like other, popular cannabinoids (THC and CBD are two well-known examples), CBN, CBG, and CBC bind with receptors in our body to send natural signals throughout the body and brain. These signals are what make cannabis cause health and wellness benefits, and are also the cause of the euphoric ‘high’ experienced with psychoactive cannabinoids like THC.

While our trio of cannabinoids found in this post aren’t as popular or commonly found as others, they have their own benefits— even when they appear in products in very small amounts. While none of them will make you high, they can help with a range of other health and wellness benefits.

Effects of CBN, CBG, and CBC


While these three cannabinoids are related, they don’t all have the exact same effects. Here are some of the ways each one can help with a range of health ailments, according to growing research and clinical studies.

CBN Effects
CBN (short for cannabinol) has become increasingly popular over the last few years as a sleep aid, and research has shown that it might actually be even more effective for aiding sleep than CBD.

CBG Effects
People who experience eye soreness, headaches, or glaucomas may experience reduced pain and discomfort thanks to CBG, even when it’s present in very small amounts.

CBC Effects
Scientists are still trying to learn exactly what CBC can do, but based on early research it appears to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Understanding the Entourage Effect
Because these cannabinoids almost always appear in cannabis products with other cannabinoids, it’s important to understand how cannabinoids interact. Interestingly, combining two or more cannabinoids doesn’t always simply combine their benefits. Sometimes, combining cannabinoids results in the benefits of both increasing. Sometimes, one cannabinoid can reduce the effects of another.

This interaction between combined cannabinoids is called the entourage effect. Experienced cannabis companies know how to use this effect to increase the potency, effectiveness, and benefits of their products for the sake of consumers.

Products Containing CBN, CBG or CBC

A few products on Farmacy Santa Ana’s shelves contain either CBN, CBG, or CBC in at least some percentage. You can easily identify how much of a specific cannabinoid a product contains relative to other cannabinoids by checking out the product description on the packaging or its listing on our online menu.


Mary’s Medicinals’ | CBN Capsules
Perfect for winding down at the end of the day, these capsules provide a chilled-out buzz that won’t keep you awake.

Mama Sue | Sleep Tincture
Need some sleep? The perfect balance of CBD and CBN in these tinctures will help you wind down and sleep soundly.

Kin Slips | Shut Eye Sublingual
Another great product for sleep, this CBN infused sublingual is the perfect bedtime companion.

LEVEL | CBG Protab
On the other side of the spectrum is this CBG protab, perfect to get you up and going in the morning.

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Farmacy Santa Ana experts or browse our menu online for cannabis products.

-Your Farmacy Santa Ana team.

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