Cannabis concentrates have become increasingly popular ever since cannabis has achieved more widespread legalization. Customers have become more interested in their amazing benefits and a range of brands have risen to meet that interest. But are concentrates really worth all the excitement? At The Farmacy SB, we believe they are— and we’re here to tell you exactly why.

We’ve put together this quick guide that offers all the basics you need to know about cannabis concentrates— what they are, how they work, ahd where to start.

What are Cannabis Concentrates and How Are They Made?


The chemical compounds that give cannabis its benefits are mainly found in specific parts of the plant. So what if you could hone in on those compounds and extract them from the cannabis in their most potent form? That’s what cannabis concentrates are all about.

The bulk of the beneficial aspects of cannabis— the cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.— are found in resin glands known as trichomes. Cannabis concentrates are made by extracting these resin glands, leaving behind the nonessential aspects of the plant while preserving the most important chemical compounds and core elements that make each strain unique.

Concentrates can be extracted and produced via a range of methods, from dry sifting the plant to using water-based or other types of solvents. Sometimes, heat and pressure are applied to create a product known as cannabis rosin.

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates


There’s a wide range of ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates, and each one comes with its own benefits. Tinctures are one form, which come in a dropper bottle and are applied beneath the tongue. These act fast, resulting in a high that often kicks in less than half an hour later. There are also capsules that can be swallowed like a pill, which take longer to take effect— usually around two hours.

One of our customers’ favorite ways to enjoy concentrates is by vaping. They use cartridges filled with cannabis oil and powered by batteries to deliver the perfect draw in a convenient, easy to transport package.

There are other types of cannabis extract, too— hash, which is an extract that can be vaporized or smoked, as well as wax, shatter, and oil. All of these are potent and easy to consume.

Cannabis Concentrate Benefits


So, what makes cannabis concentrates worth considering? Here are some of the best benefits of concentrates as a cannabis consumption method.

Precise Dosing
When it comes to cannabis flowers, identifying the perfect dose can be tough. But concentrates allow for much more exact dosing so you can dial in your perfect high.

High Concentration
When it comes to dosage, concentrates are one of the most, well, concentrated forms of cannabis available. They’re highly potent and deliver THC or CBD (or both) in a fast-acting, powerful package that’s easy to consume.

Less Conspicuous
There are times where consuming cannabis in a less conspicuous way can have its benefits, and that’s one of the things that concentrates and extracts allow. You can enjoy your cannabis discreetly anytime you’d like.

Smoke-Free Options
Many customers prefer to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the smoke, and cannabis concentrates allow you to do just that. Depending on the product, they can be ingested orally via tinctures or capsules or vaporized, eliminating smoke from the equation altogether.

Meet F/ELD, Our Favorite Premier Concentrates Brand


If you want the best in cannabis concentrates, start with F/ELD. This premium, award-winning brand is responsible for some of the best cannabis oils and concentrates in the industry. Their highest priority? It’s simple— amazing taste. Their range of cannabis concentrates is rich in unique flavor profiles, from Sour Lemon and Strawnana to Strawberry Fields, Sour Orangzina and Peach Water.

We were especially excited when F/ELD announced their brand-new lineup of flavors, including:

Garlic Cookie
Ice Cream Cake
Papaya Punch

Want to experience F/ELD extracts for yourself? You’re in for an even bigger surprise— This weekend, when you buy any F/ELD Secure Pod flavor, you can get an Airgraft Smart Vaporizer to enjoy it with for just a penny.

F/ELD | Papaya Punch Secure Pod

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