It’s official— the store formerly known as Bud and Bloom is now The Farmacy Santa Ana! We know that as our loyal, awesome customers, you probably have some questions. What’s changing? What’s going to stay the same?

We’re here to answer all of those questions and let you know exactly why we’re so excited that everything this new name and identity represents— including how it won’t change the overall experience you’ve come to love about Bud and Bloom.


New Name. Same Team.

More Support for Our Brand Values

So— if the store experience and our core team are staying the same, why go through the process of changing our name and joining the Glass House Group at all?

It’s all about being able to offer more of the things that we value most and that our customers have come to love most about shopping with us.

We have always believed in a commitment to farm-grown cannabis and sustainable practices. Glass House Group is committed to those same natural values— most prominently at Glass House Farms, where sustainable farming, water catchment & recycling, and greenhouse growing allow for natural and environmentally focused farming practices that also lead to the highest quality cannabis.

Speaking of high quality cannabis, our partnership with Glass House Group was born out of that same commitment. Like the GHG team, we have long believed that our customers are entitled to only the best, most thoughtfully curated products when they’re browsing our shelves or online store. Our partnership with Glass House Group and their brands means we’ll be able to offer exclusive access to some of the best, most exciting products in cannabis.

Finally, our commitment to our community has always guided everything we do. When we look across the Glass House Group family of stores, from The Farmacy Santa Barbara to Farmacy Berkeley and now our own storefront, we see businesses that have actively found ways to uplift, support, and build up their communities. Their commitment to local values makes us proud to call ourselves the newest official member of the Glass House Group.

Meet the Glass House Group Family

Wondering who exactly the Glass House Group actually is? It’s a family of California-based cannabis brands that ranges from storefronts and brands to the greenhouse-based cultivators of Glass House Farms. Every brand within the GHG family is committed to innovation, unique products and experiences, locally focused efforts for safer access and smarter regulation, and helping define the next generation of cannabis to be more equitable and beneficial for all.

Here are the other current members of the Glass House Group Family:

Farmacy Santa Barbara
The original Farmacy, Santa Barbara’s favorite cannabis shop promotes balance in life, balance in work, and balance in what we put into our bodies.

Farmacy Berkeley
Farmacy Berkeley represents the bringing together of local area cannabis advocates and the GHG team to offer sustainable products in a welcoming and inviting environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

Glass House Farms
Expert cultivators crafting cannabis flower by hand in state-of-the-art greenhouses. Science and nature combine to produce truly outstanding cannabis.

F/ELD helps cannabis users upgrade their cannabis experience with award-winning, full-spectrum cannabis concentrates. From extracts to vape cartridges, F/ELD insists that taste matters.

Forbidden Flowers
Glass House Farms partnered with actress, producer, musician, author, and cannabis advocate Bella Thorne to curate an exclusive line of products that captures her unique take on our favorite plant and inspires us all to embrace who we are matters.

What to Expect at The Farmacy Santa Ana

So— what’s going to change for your shopping experience now that we’re The Farmacy Santa Ana? Well, not much. We want to continue offering the welcoming atmosphere, straightforward shopping experience, and curated support from our expert team that you’ve begun to expect. You’ll still be able to find your favorite brands, exclusive new products, and can’t-miss events both at our store and online. All that’s changing is the sign out front, and the fact that we’ll now be able to give you more of everything you’ve come to love most about your local Santa Ana cannabis shop.

Ready to celebrate our new look? This weekend, we’re highlighting the next stage of our journey together with a new Glass House brand promo every day! We’ll have new deals every day this weekend, we can’t wait to see you at The Farmacy Santa Ana!

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