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In the past, pre-rolls have been a pretty controversial aspect of the cannabis world. Some purists wouldn’t be caught dead smoking a pre-roll, while others believed that they don’t deserve the hate and are well worth the convenience they bring. As the quality of brand-made pre-rolls has gone up, so has their popularity. Meanwhile, customers are finding new and powerful ways to make them even better— for example, some customers are adding tinctures to their pre-rolls for an enhanced experience and incredible high.

With all that in mind, we thought we’d offer a brief guide to the current state of pre-rolls— what they are, why they’re worth considering, and how to shop for the best.

What Are Pre-Rolls?


In the simplest terms, a pre-roll is a joint that’s been made ahead of time by a cannabis brand and is then sold in its ready-to-smoke form to consumers. While in some cases they’re made using leftover ingredients that have been left behind during the process of packaging and selling cannabis, in other cases they’re made using high-quality ingredients packed specifically for a great experience and end product.

Brands are also finding new ways to make pre-rolls even better, including by adding live resin, glass tips for safe handling and enhanced quality, and infusing them with unique flavors and aromas.

So, are pre-rolls worth the hype?

Benefits of Pre-Rolls


Pre-rolls haven’t always had a great reputation, mostly because many of the first brand-made pre-rolls were low quality, dry, and much less enjoyable than a hand-rolled joint made at home.

Fortunately, more and more cannabis brands are focusing on pre-rolls not as an afterthought, but as a central product. They’re putting in the time, effort, and quality ingredients to make their pre-rolls great— and customers are taking notice.

If you can identify quality pre-rolls, their benefits are obvious: all the quality, enjoyment, and high of a classic joint, without the time commitment and experience required to gather ingredients and roll them yourself. While rolling joints is a time-honored tradition in cannabis, there’s no denying that it can be time-consuming. And now that cannabis is more widely legal and you can use it in different locations, pre-rolls offer a convenient and travel-friendly way to enjoy your weed wherever you are (while following the law, of course).

Fortunately, avoiding low-quality pre-rolls is easy. All you have to do is shop at a trusted dispensary that insists on only stocking quality joints. That said, here are some more tips to help you identify the difference between a run-of-the-mill pre-roll and one that’s truly exceptional.

How to Shop for Pre-Rolls (the Right Way)


First and foremost, you should be able to ask your dispensary or cannabis shop directly about the pre-roll products on their shelves. It’s your right to know about what’s inside before you buy. Feel free to ask whether a pre-roll is made from actual nugs broken down from the full cannabis, or whether it’s just leftover trim and other undesirable parts of the cannabis flower.

You should ask whether pre-rolls contain twigs and stems, because the higher quality cannabis brands will be sure to screen for these things. Pre-rolls can also dry out faster, so ask whether the packaging is heat-sealed to help keep the cannabis in pre-rolls fresh. At Farmacy Santa Ana, we only stock pre-rolls that pass our high standards for quality.

If you were to dump out the contents of a pre-roll and a quality bud that’s been ground up, there shouldn’t be a dramatic difference between the two visually. Meanwhile, a sure sign of a quality pre-roll is that it doesn’t taste too smoky or leafy.

Instead, look for pre-rolls with a fresh taste and scent that’s rich in terpenes and aromatic properties. It should be as similar to the experience of a hand-rolled joint as possible.

Check out Some of Our Favorite Pre-Rolls

To make your pre-roll shopping experience even easier, here are some of the best pre-roll brands and types we currently stock at The Farmacy Santa Barbara.

El Blunto

We love the El Blunto line of glass-tipped pre-roll blunts, which lead the growing ‘cannagar’ category with a luxurious and high-end experience. The glass tip helps avoid droppage and provides a satisfying heft, while the smoke is smooth, aromatic, and tasty. You can shop for El Blunto pre-rolls at The Farmacy today.

Glass House Farms x Lobo

Glass House Farms is the perfect example of a cannabis brand that’s elevated the level of quality available in pre-rolled joints and other cannabis products. We recommend you check out their collaboration with Lobo, the Hell’s Fire pre-roll with glass tip.

Forbidden Flowers

Launched by actress and cannabis activist, Bella Thorne, Forbidden Flowers produces a range of high-end cannabis products— including excellent pre-rolls for any occasion.

Ready to shop pre-rolls? Browse our shop today and place an order for pickup or delivery.

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