Meet Ocimene, Linalool, & Bisabolol


What makes one cannabis strain unique when compared to another? The cannabinoids are one important element, but there’s something else that helps make each cannabis strain have its own unique aroma and beneficial properties.

In every cannabis strain are natural oils known as terpenes, and they provide both distinct fragrances when the cannabis is smelled or consumed as well as offering impressive health benefits.

In this week’s post in our series about terpenes, we’re pulling triple duty by sharing info about three impressive terpenes we love— ocimene, linalool, and bisabolol.

Effects of Ocimene


Ocimene’s lovely scent features a range of notes, from sweet mint to citrus and earthiness that our customers love. Also found in mint, orchids, and parsley, ocimene is popularly used to help provide fragrance to perfumes and colognes.

While ocimene is rarely the dominant terpene in a strain of cannabis, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have something to offer. Ocimene seems to act as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as a potential treatment for diabetes. We hope to learn more about ocimene and its benefits as more research is released.

Effects of Linalool


If you’ve ever felt yourself becoming deeply relaxed after smelling the soothing scent of lavender, you probably have linalool to thank. Linalool is a terpene found in lavender as well as many strains of cannabis, and its calming scent makes it a go-to choice.

Linalool’s other benefits include acting as an antimicrobial, reducing stress, treating the symptoms of epilepsy, and helping relax muscles and relieve pain by limiting pain signals being sent from your body to the brain.

Effects of Bisabolol


Also found in chamomile, bisabolol does a lot more than smell flowery and nice. It also appears to serve as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-irritant, and antimicrobial. And researchers are only beginning to scratch the surface of what this amazing terpene is capable of doing for our bodies and minds.

Products with Ocimene, Linalool, or Bisabolol

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