Glass House Farms Strains

Glass House Farms is one of our closet brand partners, providing some of the highest quality cannabis available on Farmacy Santa Ana shelves. Throughout their history, they’ve kept their focus on a fairly simple mission— to provide us and our customers with the best cannabis available, while using only the most planet-friendly and sustainable growing methods available to them.

As they’ve pursued this mission, Glass House Farms has elevated the craft of cannabis growing to an art form from their Central Coast greenhouse facilities. Leading that elevation and passion has been the team of growers that make Glass House Farms shine, and now they have something truly great to unveil.

At Glass House, growers embody everything that matters most to us here at Farmacy Santa Ana. Attention to detail. Passion for discovery. And, above all, being pretty much obsessed with providing customers with the best cannabis on the planet.

Finally, we get to help Glass House Farms reveal the next pinnacle of their journey to the best cannabis on earth— Grower’s Choice, a series of strains featuring the absolute best, handpicked cannabis strains and flowers from the Glass House Farms greenhouse.

These Grower’s Choice strains are the absolute pinnacle of quality, flavor, structure, and high. They’ve been hand-grown and then handpicked by the expert team of growers at Glass House Farms, and we’re so incredibly proud to feature them here at Farmacy Santa Ana. So without further ado, it’s time to meet the strains.

Meet the Strains

Grower’s Choice currently features three strains for customers to fall in love with, each one with a distinct flavor, overall experience, and terpene profile.

Mac 1

The growers of the Mac 1 strain wanted something that was functional enough to use during the day, providing clear-headedness and imagination that paired well with great friends. It offers a sweet, light flavor and aroma alongside a clearheaded high that ends nice and smoothly.

“This MAC 1 is incredible: a sweet peppery flavor and balanced high that smokes totally clean and smooth. We got the cure just right on this one, so the taste really shines. Hope you enjoy it!”
—Glass House Farms Grower


Purple Gelato

The flavor of Purple Gelato is nothing short of incredible. From rich and textured grape to light and fruity berry, the tastes and aromas are like a journey through the senses. When it comes to the high, you’ll love the warm and calm yet strong high that inspires positivity, great times with friends, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

“This batch has beautiful purple hues, a dense, creamy structure, and a heavenly citrus-berry-nectar flavor, with a strong, euphoric, relaxing high. A total winner in every category.”
—Glass House Farms Grower



Runtz is already famous in the cannabis world, and Glass House Farms has now elevated to true art. Every detail of the growing process, from lineage to structure and flavor, has been painstakingly looked after at every step of the way. You’ll love the mouthwatering blend of fruity notes and the long, euphoric high that lifts you up without taking you out of the calming and laid-back vibe. If you’re going to kick back and indulge, why not do it with the absolute best available?

“This super-famous strain was a blast to grow — it’s got a great structure, a sugary fruit-candy flavor and nose, and a heady but indica-leaning high. It’s the bee’s knees!”
—Glass House Farms Grower


The Glass House Farms Growing Process

To understand just how and why Glass House Farms strains like the Grower’s Choice series are so coveted by cannabis enthusiasts, you have to look at their growing process.

When crafting new strains, Glass House Farms begins with a lineage of the finest cannabis ‘parents,’ combining and testing genetic pairings until we find the perfect blend.

Next, their strains are planted in an industry-leading greenhouse facility that allows the plants to experience the perfect growing environment to their unique needs. From state-of-the-art environmental controls to a design that maximizes the sun’s rays while avoiding pests without the use of pesticides, Glass House Farms facilities focus on both quality and eco-friendly practices at every stage of growth. They even capture and reuse all nutrient runoff, helping earn them the position of holding the highest standards of cleanliness in the cannabis industry.

When each flower is ready, it is hand-trimmed and packaged with the highest level of care to deliver a premium product to Farmacy Santa Ana every time.

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