An Intro to Terpenes


At Farmacy Santa Ana, helping to educate our customers is just as important as providing great, high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices.

With that in mind, we’ve created this series on the origins, traits, and benefits of terpenes— incredible oils found in cannabis that have a huge range of benefits.

What is a Terpene?


Terpenes are aromatic oils found in cannabis plants— but not just cannabis plants. Terpenes are also found in a wide range of plants, herbs, fruits, and other places in nature.

In cannabis, terpenes provide pleasing scents and tastes that help distinguish one cannabis strain or product from the next. But that’s not all terpenes are good for.

What Terpenes Do


In addition to that heady, glorious aroma that terpenes can bring to cannabis, more and more research is finding that terpenes actually have real health benefits that can rival those of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Some terpenes encourage relaxation and stress-relief, while others seem to promote alertness and focus— perfect for a long study session or work day.

Dominant Terpene Meaning


You might hear the phrase ‘dominant terpene’ when talking about specific cannabis strains or products. But what does that actually mean?

The dominant terpene is just the one that is featured in a strain in the highest percentage. For example, let’s say that in a strain you like Myrcene is present at 22%, Caryophyllene is present at 4%, and Limonene is present at 2.5%. Myrcene is the dominant terpene, because it’s the most abundant in that specific strain. This usually means it will have the most impact over the strain’s aroma, taste, and terpene-related benefits.

The 5 Most Common Terpenes


There are many terpenes found in cannabis, but some are more common than others. Here are the most commonly found terpenes in cannabis plants.

Myrcene is the most common terpene in cannabis, and features an herbal and soothing odor that promotes peace and calmness. It’s also present in thyme, lemongrass, and mango.

Caryophyllene is known for its peppery aroma, and it’s also found in natural ingredients like black pepper and cinnamon. Caryophyllene seems to help reduce inflammation in some users.

Citrusy and refreshing, the aroma of limonene is also found in lemons and orange rinds. It’s believed to reduce anxiety and stress.

While it’s not the most common terpene found in cannabis, pinene is the most common terpene in the world. It’s found in rosemary, basil, and pine needles, and its identifiable from its earthy pine scent.

Terpinolene is often used to create feelings of alertness and positivity. It’s aroma is described as fruity, and its found in cumin, lilacs, and nutmeg in addition to certain cannabis strains.

Want to learn more about the terpenes that help give cannabis its amazing effects and distinct aromas? Check in next week for the next article in our series on the origins and benefits of terpenes.

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